Day 4 ABC

The guys in Pokhara told us it would take 9 days minimum to do the circuit we’d chosen, but we forgot that we only have enough money for about 7 or 8 days… There are no ATM’s up here, so we’re having to double time it.

Today we hiked from Cuilia to Himalayan camp, rated as ten hours walking plus breaks, but we made it in 6 and a half total. Pretty tired now!!

The two places to stay up here are both really tight, they charge extra to sit near the heater (it’s freezing inside, snowing outside), extra for a shower, extra to charge your phone and extra for WiFi that doesn’t work…

So as a result of our rather tight budget were going to bed dirty, cold, and this post will be uploaded some other day.

The walk has been really great though. Amazing high mountains in the distance and all the trees are flowering, stunning.

Tomorrow we reach the Annapurna base camp at 4100m, take a picture and get the hell out of there before the temp drops in the afternoon.

I’m carrying a very sore knee so wish me luck keeping up with Sal, she just doesn’t stop… 🙁

One thought on “Day 4 ABC

  1. You are amazing…….if it’s meant to take one hour you do it in half! Story of your life! Love it that you are both so strong, enjoy and be safe. Xx

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