Day 3 ABC


Today we hiked from Uleri to Chuile, that’s supposed to take 2 days or 10hrs of hiking, but we did it in one day, 6hrs.

At that rate by 1pm we were totally exhausted, as in almost vomiting, head spins, wheezing etc. We stopped to eat and warm up by a wood fired water heater, then did a couple more hours before it started to rain.

We sheltered under an abandoned guest house’s verandah for a while before an old lady and then an 11 year old girl arrived (carrying what looked like 50kg of firewood on her back!). They told us there was another place to stay 5 mins further down the hill, so here we are.

It’s a tiny guest house with two bedrooms but most importantly a woodfire cook top so it’s cosy and warm.

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