Day 5 ABC


After a long cold night we ate a staple breakfast of plain rice, Dahl and boiled eggs (also relatively cheap).
We learned last night that today we’d be in 10cm of snow all the way to ABC, this was concerning as we’re both in sneakers… Not ideal.

To avoid wet feet and frostbite, we developed the genius plan to use our stuff sacks (compression sacks) over our socks inside our shoes, and tied at the ankle.

Looking rather unprofessional amidst the other serious North Face trekkers we headed out into the frosty morning looking like two lost tourists who somehow stumbled into the area. (8am start Paul!!).

It was supposed to be 6hrs hiking to ABC, and despite the snow, ice and mud, we hacked it out in 4 gruelling hours.

Stunning mountain scenery, snow covered mountains and fast running snow melt streams took our minds off the stuff sack failure and the thin air, so it was actually an enjoyable “walk”.

Arriving at the top we took some pics before the mid day clouds closed us in, and ate a lunch of… Rice, Dahl and boiled eggs (every Lodge here has an identical menu set by local government, except the prices which follow the altitude).

It was a great feeling reaching the top, and just as good to leave as were finally going downhill… in the slippery muddy melting snow.

” have you guys been to the top already?”
“Yep, we even stopped for lunch” 🙂
“Is she wearing slippers? They look like dancing shoes” commented another guy on  the trail.
“She’s a moving advert for Skechers” I cheekily replied.

We luckily avoided falling over on the ice, which turned to mud then sludge, so no. 1 priority at the lodge in the afternoon was drying our shoes…

“Are they your trekking shoes?” Asked a sherpa… He was actually laughing at us!

Now we’re tucked into bed in all our clothes, sleep sheets, sleeping bags and three blankets. It’s freezing.

Tomorrow we hope to have a dry day and a hot shower!

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