So we’re in Victoria Falls and have managed to score a super cheap camp site for $14 a night. Everywhere else was $60+ so we were pretty pumped! We are the only ones camping as it’s getting as low as 7 degrees over night but we’ve found sleeping in all our clothes seems to get us through…the things we do to save money!

Saving money on things like accommodation means we have more money to spend on experiences, which is the way we justified booking on to the champagne and sushi sunset cruise last night 😳

This is not the kind of thing we usually do but it was $12 and 14 people difference from the basic sunset cruise.

‘how many people are on the cheaper boat?’


‘how many on the super luxo one?’



We were the first to be picked up in a bus from our campsite and we proceeded to pick up the other 14 people from their luxury majestic hotels…it was pretty funny to think all those staying in the most expensive hotels in town were doing the cheaper boat and us two doing the luxo boat were staying in a tent!

Once we got to the river we were seperated on to the two boats and were greeted with champagne and snacks and taken to a beautiful old English style boat with leather couches and carpet while the rest had to cram onto a standard boat and had no champagne…they were all looking at us with envy and slight confusion. We were both in our puffer jackets and I had leggings, my trusty camo skirt that’s been around the world twice and motorbike boots on.

It was a really nice experience and we saw hippos, not much else but the sunset was beautiful. There was an open bar so we made the most of that although Dean did a much better job than me with and is suffering the consequences today – he even announced ‘NTD’ with a big grin (night time dean for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him) which was concerning as it was still day time… I don’t think the staff on the boat were used to having Australians on board and were a little shocked when we kept accepting more drinks…they actually stopped asking us so Dean had to go up to the bar for more…we put a good dent in their gin supply..!

We spent the day visiting the falls which I think were really beautiful except the spray/rain from the plunge pool was so heavy we couldn’t really see anything.

We got totally drenched despite having rain jackets on but I was very brave and didn’t try and run away from the rain like I usually do (there was nowhere to run!)

Today we head to Livingstone, Zambia where we plan on doing a safari in Chobe National Park. We have loved our short experience in Zimbabwe. The people are friendly and smiley and we have felt totally safe and welcome everywhere we’ve been.

Into Zimbabwe

Micro blog.

Yesterday we crossed into Zimbabwe, the RSA side of the crossing took ten mins, but the Zimbabwe side was about 4 hours in line, dodging fixers, fighting other people from jumping queue, and trying to keep my sense of humour.

Eventually we were waved through and all was forgotten amidst the smiling friendly people saying hello.

The ride to Bulawayo was pretty flat and a little boring aside from the road stop wherever got our first real taste of African food, overcooked beef, a few slices of tomato and a big lump of pap (cassava) for $1. Mmmmm yummy.

Tonight we should arrive at Vic falls, long day ahead.

Love to all xxoo