the bike

Her name is Betsy, a KTM 950 Super Enduro, Erzberg Edition (2008).


container loading in dili, we’re headed home!

Betsy has travelled about 280,000 km through 80+ different countries,  (that’s quite a lot of miles for you simple folk).

She’s been kidnapped in the Congo, avoided the dreaded “bandidos” crossing the Sahara, submerged in Mongolia, frozen in Siberia, shot at in Laos, survived 8 weeks in India, had more military escorts than the president and is currently wanted by customs in Peru, but as Paul says, “you just can’t stop that bike, she’s got a heart like a horse!”.

Betsy hasn’t left us stranded yet, but there have been a few close calls 🙂

Some details…

Modifications:  She’s totally standard except for the 33lt tank, a solid state fuel pump, heavy duty bash plate and washable air filters.


@ 95,000km: new pistons and barrels, main and big end bearings, top end service.

@ 200,000km: piston rings, inlet valves and seats, engine cases (broken on rocks in Argentina).

@278,000km: piston rings, top end service.


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