Still no water

Today we went to the north of the island….we left the shit hole of an ‘apartment’ and headed to the guesthouse dean booked on line that had great reviews….

Feeling hopeful watching England play Columbia…

We don’t need to go into details, but this afternoon we ended up buying a 1.5lt bottle of water, pierced the lid with Dean’s knife and took turns spraying each other with it to wash.

We actually had a bit left in the bottle when we were finished!

“Matias wake up, we’re going out for dinner”

“Ok I come too, need wash first”

“You can’t, there is no water”

“Paradise here huh!”

new lows…

One thought on “Still no water

  1. Great blog guys.

    I spent 3 months 4×4 in Southern Africa but never made it to Malawi. Glad about that now…..

    Safe travels!

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