Zanzibar V2.0

Finally the rain broke and we have some sun at the beach 😁

Oh and the power came on in our room as did the water finally, it’s the little things you miss!

Today we did a couple of dives off Zanzibar island at what was supposed to be the best diving spots in the area, it was ok-ish but nothing special, and the tides are no good for diving from tomorrow onwards so it looks like that’s it for now.

Sal had a bit of a panic attack in the first dive, and I forgot to rinse the soap out of my mask before the second one so wound up with stinging eyes the whole dive… Seems the universe is telling us something.

So tomorrow we’re having a “day off” at the beach before heading back to DAR to look for parts for Matias’ bike.

We haven’t had a day off in a while so really looking forward to it 😉