Yes it’s true… I don’t know how Dean does it every day… 200 Kms and I can barely keep my eyes open! I now have a new respect for Dean and understand why he can be a little slow mentally after an 800 km day 😉 I also understand why he always has a desperate need for a beer as soon as we arrive at our destination…. I’ve never wanted a beer as much as I did at the end of today despite being freezing!

Day two of riding and no falls or scratches yet! The long curvy roads with no traffic are fun but the tight hair pin turns over and over and over again get a bit tiring and hard, especially when I forget if I have to tap up or down to go down gears!

The road has had my full concentration but from the rare glances I’ve had at the scenery it is really beautiful up here! Tomorrow we are riding up to the border where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet. It’s called the golden triangle and its known for its opium production over the years. The government is trying to encourage the production of coffee instead of opium these days so there are coffee shops galore up here – a nice change from the 3 in 1 coffee (80% sugar, 10% coffee, 10% powdered milk) sachets we have been living off for the last 5 months!

Time to go to bed now…. It’s 8pm 😁

One thought on “Shattered…!

  1. Hi Dean and Sally we are still in pv, have been here since Xmas and we go home Friday . It’s really nice now the renos are finished and we can relax and enjoy!
    Love reading your blog, thank you for the amazing way you tell your story, I really enjoy reading it before bed each night.
    Love you, keep safe and enjoy. Xx

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