Sary Tash


After the waterlogged ride into Osh, we decided to stay a few days in the little apartment we found for just $11 a night!

So we bought food and cooked three meals a day, washed EVERYTHING we own in the washing machine, drank some great Russian and Kyrg beers, ate caviar (at $1 a jar!) and watched the motogp.

It was really nice to make a place home, even for just a few nights.  So much so that when the owner let us know that two Russian men were also staying for a night we were actually a bit upset, especially since the apartment was tiny and we were sleeping in the lounge room on a fold out sofa.

Anyway, it was still nice, and the sun shone the whole time we were there.

Today however was a different story. Back on the road less than an hour and the rain returned as we climbed back in altitude to 3500m and the temp dropped to a balmy 3 deg.

We arrived here in Sary Tash totally freezing and with soaking wet clothes.  Shit.

Now it’s another night of trying to get things dry so we can get them wet again tomorrow, when we ride up to the 4655m Ak Baital pass into Tajikistan.

Lucky our bedroom here has a heat pad on the floor, like a big electric blanket, so all our wet clothes are on top to dry ☺

We’re staying in a home stay style place tonight, where we share space with the family running it. Right now we’re in their loungeroom because the wood stove is there too, and it’s below 0 outside 🙂

Might be a few days till we can post again as the kyrg sim card will not work in Tajik, and we’re quite remote here on the Pamir highway.

Big love to all back home xoxo

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