On route to Kenya, after an early morning departure from Zanzibar, we decided to spend the night at a random lodge in what appeared to be a bus station/truck stop area due to an oncoming storm.

The rooms were cheap ($5), they were showing the football and they sold beer – this is all we ask for these days! Nobody spoke a word of English but everyone made an effort to understand us encouraged by Martias’ slightly weird Latino dancing

and Dean’s animal impressions

( I just sat in the middle shaking my head trying to explain they were both crazy)

As the sun went down and the rain subsided a street of food stalls appeared which is always a highlight.

The food in Africa isn’t very exciting. It’s not terrible but it’s getting a bit boring and we’ve started talking about pizza….and cheese…and salami…We’ve even got a bet going with the world cup… Whoever picks the winning team gets dinner bought for them by the other two…their choice of venue (we’re hoping Nairobi has ‘choices’). So far it’s only Dean (he chose France) who’s in with a chance….I however added an extra clause and said if England won, (my choice was Brazil as I didn’t think England would make it this far….!) I’ll buy them both dinner…there’s half a chance I’m buying dinner.

Every day we generally eat rice, beans maybe some silverbeet, maybe if we’re lucky, some meat (which is usually inedible) 2-3 times a day…at night sometimes we get what we call ‘shit on a stick’ which is bbq inedible meat skwerers…it’s been almost two months of this now so you can imagine how we’re feeling!

This food market, in addition to the above had liver shit on a stick which Dean and Martias loved and gorged on. I managed to find a cabbage salad with a chilli sauce which was great…basically anything fresh is good for me at this stage.

We all had an early night (ear plugs required as we had no windows) and set off early the next morning to Kenya (no showers)

After an easy yet slow process at the border we headed to Diani beach were we knew about a place where you could camp on the beach.

White sand and palm trees, the place is pretty idealic.

View from our tent

We’ve had campfires and cooked our own food, pasta one night and goat ribs (bought from the local butcher, no refridgeration and covered with flies) on Martias’ Parilla with a tomato salad the next.

Zoom in to see the flies!

Today we head towards Nairobi, no doubt for more beans and rice and lots of traffic 😉

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