Goodbye Iran!

Currently waiting at the Iran border for Dean to get the bike papers stamped so that we can exit Iran and enter Turkey.

Today is the end of Ramadan so it is a holiday everywhere in Iran. It would have been nice to experience Iran without Ramadan but we didn’t feel like waiting for the holidays to be over before everything opened again.

Its a shame that we’ve been here during the hottest part of the year and Ramadan as we feel as if we’ve missed out on what life may usually be like. Due to all the restaurants being closed during the daytime, we’ve had to eat in hotel restaurants (as these are allowed to be open) which is something we never usually do as it doesn’t give you the ‘local’ experience that we try to look for. The food has been hit and miss with very little variation. 

I don’t get the impression that eating out in restaurants is a big part of  the the culture here as there are very few around. Today we’ve seen lots of family’s having picnics on the side of the highway which makes me think that home cooked food is the preference!

While we were in Tehran we were kindly invited out by a guy we had met who owned a KTM. He and his friends took us to the north of Tehran to a nice restaurant. We had an interesting time learning about how Iranians feel about Iran which we had felt that we had missed out on up until now. They drove us around and showed us the view of Tehran at night (which is massive!) and then drove us back to our hotel. It was really nice hanging out with locals 😊

We rode a long day to Tabriz where we had planned to spend a couple of days but upon arrival realised that everything was closing up for a few days so decided to push on.

Thankfully it is cooler here and I am very excited to be rid of the headscarfe I’ve had to wear for the past 2 weeks!

The people here have been so so lovely and welcoming and we are forever getting waves and big smiles from all the cars that pass us, it’s really nice.

Tonight we hope for beer 😊

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