Arrived in Tehran


We just arrived in Tehran, with the engine scorching hot, and the temp readout at 42 it’s lucky we found a place to stay without much fuss.

Another long boring ride on the highway, about 500km today through more desert. So far it’s been desert desert desert here. 

As you can see from the pic, the heat really takes it out of you, we’ve resorted to stopping every hour or two and soaking ourselves with water, which then keeps us cool until it dries an hour later. 

We’re getting some funny looks doing it though, me dousing Sal with water in a truck stop while she smothers it into her t shirt with lots of “ooohhhss and ahhhhs”, it’s the equivalent of porn for the local guys.  I even get the odd sideways glance from a woman when I do it 😜

2 days here to see some museum’s and no doubt more damned mosques and then we’re headed for beer land (everywhere but here), I can’t wait!

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