Back on the road…

Despite feeling pretty happy that the travel sickness of the buses and boats of the Philippines were behind me it was very sad to leave… Usually by the time we leave a country, there is a little part of me that feels ready to leave and excited for a new one but I didn’t feel this when it came to leaving the Philippines, this time I was planning our next visit instead.

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Still, it was nice to come back to Cambodia 😊 the warmth and smiles of the Cambodian people exceed even those of the Philippines! After a couple of days in Siem Reap, Dean doing last minute bits to Betsy and me chopping my hair off 😳, we got back to reality and into our hot heavy bike gear 😁 a moment neither of us had been looking forward to! Saying goodbye to Peter and Sue, we headed north towards the Thai border. A short gentle day to start with which was lucky as we didn’t get away until 1pm – we’re clearly out of form!

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Today we headed up to a temple on the Thai border.  It was falling to bits but still very beautiful. Upon leaving we were asked to hurry along as there was some commotion. The locals were packing up shop and rushing away… It was quite strange but there seemed to be some military conflict with Thailand underway – I’m sure dean can add more details here…

Not much, we wanted to stop for a bit of food but all the vendors were closing up and literally running away, (and Cambodian’s NEVER run for anything!).  The parking atttendants told us we’d have to eat somewhere else, and asked us to rush as there was ‘a problem with Thai military’.  This temple is the subject of a dispute bewteen  Thailand and Cambodia, hopefully no one was hurt this time.


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Tonight we find ourselves in a town called Preah Vihear. Tomorrow, if we get our asses into gear, we will make it across to Laos.

Now it has been noted that Dean does more blog entries than me…. It has also been noted that there are a lot more photos of me on here than Dean (because he takes more photos) but I was quite disturbed that (despite hours spent laughing at tourists -predominantly Asians – taking photo upon photo of themselves), Dean had actually found the need to publish a selfie of himself sitting on a bus a few posts ago, so I’ve taken it upon myself to take and post more photos of him 😊

Drinking in Siem Reap!

Drinking in Siem Reap!

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