The end to a long couple of days


So here I am at the Majesty Hotel in somewhere or other (Myanmar), waiting for our guide to arrive so I can fit new tyres to Betsy.
Yesterday we made 670km to get from Yangon to past Mandalay, today another 350km to arrive within striking distance of the Indian border for tomorrow.
I’m pretty tired – would be an understatement. Last night after an already long day Sal and I both got bad food poisoning, vomiting and diarrhea, for me it lasted until 6am, Sal’s hit this morning so she spent part of the day in the guides car. I think I’ve slept less than two hours 🙁
As soon as we arrived here I parked the bike and stripped the front tyre, only to be told by Sal that we were at the wrong hotel! Fantastic.
So it all went back together for the 400m drive down the road, where I currently sit waiting patiently… Not.
Aside from being beyond tired, today was a nice enough ride, very bumpy but tar road the whole day, fields of sunflowers and rice plantations, flanked by sugar palms as far as you can see.
Very narrow road though, so we had to continually leave the road at speed to avoid hitting buses or trucks, sounds bad but you get used to it after a while 🙂
Tomorrow we cross the border to India, I have mixed feelings about that, somewhere between dread and excited. 
EVERYONE we have met so far who has come through India on a bike has hated it, and tried to find the fastest way out.  We on the other hand, are planning two months there, riding the full length and breadth of the place. But that plan may change 🙂

One thought on “The end to a long couple of days

  1. Gosh, hope it gets easier for you. Seems like hard times around this part of the world. India should be interesting I hope, after all this time looking forward to it. Good luck!
    We are In pv now and tomorrow we’ll tow the van to port Broughton. Towing the caravan always worries me, as we’ve had many not so interesting encounters.
    Not as exciting as your trip though… Love you, enjoy and be safe xx

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