Taj and Uz visas


Waiting out the front of the Uzbekistan embassy, currently 3:40pm, they said ready at 5pm.

Not much fun waiting out here in the smog, Delhi has the worst air quality of any city in the world, and there are plenty of contenders so just imagine. It actually smells like chemicals out here.

This visa involved downloading forms, filling them in duplicate, photocopies of every document we have, a trip to the embassy, 30 phone calls, a trip to a bank 20km away, another trip to the embassy, and now a 4 hour wait.

The Tajik one below was more or less the same, but turned around faster.


That’s the GBAO autonomous area permit underneath, which allows us to enter my favourite ‘Stan of them all – Badasstan. Yes, Bad Ass Stan!


Tomorrow we leave Delhi headed for Agra and the Taj, then a few days ride to Nepal, really looking forward to getting into the mountains!!

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