Today the three of us came together again 😁

We had one of those rare days where everything just worked…we found a cheap place to stay near the airport (where it didn’t feel we may get mugged), we received Betsy with minimal fuss and a sixteenth of the cost we were expecting and got her together within two hours and she started first time 😁

We spent the evening in our room re organising luggage and getting our gear together whilst streaming triple J. We did our first load of handwashing in the bath and cooked dinner in the room on our camping stove (because apparently it is possible to get mugged at night in this area)

I’ve realised I’ve packed too much, dean has realised how many hair products I’ve tried to hide in the pannier and I need to work out how to manage this issue…I think I’ll just blame stress and jet lag and go to bed and deal with it tomorrow! Hopefully he’ll forget about all of my ‘cremas’ after a good nights sleep 😉 Love xx

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