Our boat is in Darwin!

Still here in Bali, currently passing time in a little villa in Ubud, exploring the surrounding area and watching the marine traffic website with interest to see where our cargo boat is… Yes – you can find out where a marine vessel is at almost anytime, very handy for those among us who have little faith in what our friends at the freight forwarding company tell us 🙂 And… ship tracker as you can see, our boat is in Darwin harbour, miraculously more or less on time according to the last schedule we were sent. And courtesy of some more tracking info, we know our container is loaded and at the port ready to be put on said boat… container   According to all this, Betsy should be in Timor by the evening of the 31st, but being old hands at this, we know that just because the boat arrives, it doesn’t mean it will get unloaded anytime soon, so we’ve booked our flights to Dili for one week after that, by which time (with some luck) we could go directly to customs, get the carnet stamped and then go get the bike. That’s the plan anyway.

2 thoughts on “Our boat is in Darwin!

  1. Nice place to hang out. I love the feeling of endless time your blog emits. I feel relaxed just reading it.

    Trouble with my “new” bike – the Martinello-Cheney 1301. Bloddy thing won’t start when it’s a bit cold. The latest suggested fix is a new starter motor. More later.

    Have fun. Cheers.

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