Oil change – thanks KTM!!

Currently waiting for Dean to do a long overdue oil change on Betsy. We have managed to get an area in a KTM workshop to make life a little easier. They have all been amazed with the bike, helped all they can and given us chai to drink 😊

We left Rishikesh yesterday after chilling out for a few days there… I did a couple of yoga classes but we mostly just enjoyed having a clean room to relax in for once!

We rode through Dehradun yesterday in search for some good oil for the bike but it appeared the whole city was on strike (which we later found out was due to a new tax that was being added to jewellery?!!) so that was a waste of time, then we headed back into the mountains to a place called Mussoorie.

Whilst looking for a hotel (story of our lives!) we met Pieter, another friendly KTM fanatic who ended up helping us find a room and taking us to a pub (yes, it was a pub) in the hills which was done up like an old English pub (I was in heaven!) and also brought us back down to KTM this morning and arranged for us to get the area to work in.

Pieter is from South Africa but lives here at the moment, it’s amazing what a different experience you have when you meet a ‘local’! Thanks Pieter 😊

From here we are making our way back in to the mountains (it’s too hot to be down on the plains now!) to a place called Shimla 😊

2 thoughts on “Oil change – thanks KTM!!

  1. Good to hear all your news but it sounds so tough. Although you say the people are friendly it doesn’t sound so when they want foreigners 5km away!…….why are they like that do you think? Anyway, it’s good that there are some nice people who are willing to help you. The mountains look nice so hope you enjoy the cleaner air.
    Take care, love to you bothxxxxx

  2. Hi …..I am coming on board for the first time ….I am Pieter, the KTM Fanatic , who lives in the hills of Mussoorie . I felt honored to meet Dean & Sally and Betsy- the big sister of my KTM Duke 390 . After living in Asia for almost 30 years I know what a blessing it is to meet a “Local ” , someone who can converse in English and yes we were able to chat for hours in the pub and at the KTM workshop in Dehradun . Your ability to adjust to tough conditions is certainly very inspiring to fellow bikers like me . Cheers and safe journey ahead !

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