Hot, dusty, polluted and hazy,we are in Java.  After having a relaxing time ‘holidaying’ with Katie and Sam we finally left the bubble of Bali and arrived back in to the reality of Indonesia.  

Dean and I have travelled Java before (Dean twice) so we were keen to just get through it as quickly as possible.  Dean set the alarm for a 4am start today to try to beat the heat and the trucks.  He actually set it for 4pm which I was quietly happy about and we ended up leaving at 5.30am. My ass was hurting after about 30 seconds of being on the seat again after yesterday. We have spent the last two days riding solid. Our faces black with soot and dust in just an hour on the road… I can only guess what we have been inhaling!  We rode for about 14 hours today and  travelled 600kms which is actually pretty good going for Java.  I counted on average that we overtook 100 trucks and/or buses every 40kms… at one point it was in 25kms…. yes guys, this is how bored I am…. oh my god. So that’s about it… counting trucks, sore ass and a whole lot of sweat and road grime. Living the dream!

To top it off when we finally made it to a city to find a hotel at 8.30pm-tired and dirty,  we were refused a room because we are not Muslim. I don’t need to explain how I felt on hearing that ☺️ 

We have two more days to get through the remainder of Java and then we go to Sumatra…and it had better get better really soon!!

2 thoughts on “Java 

  1. Ok you both are living your dream!!!! Just keep that in mind every k you travel….
    It all seems omg,…. But enjoy and be safe Xx

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