Hello Thailand

We left the Penang mad house this morning after a sleepless night courtesy of a new noisy inmate whom i call bearpigdog… and rode 160km to the border, then another 390km to this town called Surat Thani. ┬áNot much of a ride as it’s all highway, we got some more rain, only the third time since leaving Aus though so cant complain.

There’s a little night market here, where we indulged in some delicious raw crab papaya salad (hopefully that one doesnt go badly for us), a bit of shit on a stick and some sweet desserty things. ┬áLoving the food here already!!

yes that's raw crab in there... delicious!

yes that’s raw crab in there… delicious!

Tomorrow either Bangkok or somewhere in between, good to be back in the thick of it, even if we’re only riding again for a week before the Phillipines.

dm xoxo

2 thoughts on “Hello Thailand

  1. Just like to reiterate that I hate you guys, in the nicest possible way. Don’t think cheap steak at our local really stacks up against raw crab and papaya salad.

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