And we’ve arrived in Goa! It’s a bit of a culture shock being somewhere that’s nice, where there are predominantly only westerners around and there is no litter or car horns blaring incessantly. We are staying in a hut on Patnem beach which is a chilled relaxed place… We’ll go and visit the hard core trance party beach tonight!

patnem beach

patnem beach

It doesn’t feel like India at all here but I guess it all makes up the multi dimensional country that it is. It’s a bit like the Bali of Indonesia, but more extreme.

We’ve had a couple of pleasant days travelling here, (please note that our definition of ‘pleasant’ has been altered somewhat over the past few weeks) with less car horns and less traffic in general. There have still been some pretty special driving manoeuvres though which we won’t forget for a while but for the most part it was good… we even found a nice local outdoor restaurant openly serving beer as soon as we crossed the border into Goa!
We will be here for another few days, slowly making our way up the coast to other beaches and then we will leave the bubble of Goa and head back in to the thick of it to Rajasthan.

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