From Bohol


The sign just outside our room

Toledo to Cebu city today on the scooter, we took the road over some ‘mountains’, up to almost 1000m!  Nice to feel some cool fresh air for the first time in months.
It’s always nice to find some altitude anywhere in the world, for whatever reason it’s usually cleaner, better kept and people take more pride in their houses and surroundings.  Lots of flowers, bullocks lazing in water flooded terraces, dogs sleeping on the road, smiling people. Really nice ride.
Then Cebu city… Horrible. Where we went shopping for some bits and pieces in a couple of mega malls. Christmas decorations are in full swing over here, the street kids begging for food are even singing carols to try to make money!
Anyway we eventually got the bike back to the hire place, then took a mini van thingy half way to the pier, and a taxi the rest of the way, 2 hrs on the boat and a 20min walk to find somewhere to stay in the town we landed in called Tagbilaran.
So now we have a lovely clean room, walls painted pink? and green, two single beds and a shared bathroom.  Sal is asleep, time I did the same.


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