Four years I love you!

So after lots of days on buses and then lots of hours on a crappy hired scooter we finally made it to some recommended dive sites!

First stop was Moal Boal, on the west coast of Cebu. Macro dives which were made more interesting with a fantastic dive master who pointed out animals we had never seen before. Apart from losing Dean on one of the dives it was pretty easy diving…. Luckily he was waiting on the boat for us when we surfaced 😁

After a few days we caught a ferry over to the next island, Negros and headed straight down to Apo Island. 

We ended up diving with a Korean dive shop named Crazy Bubble and it was one of our  best days yet ☺️. It was one of those days where everything just flowed and we didn’t want the day to end. We ended up spending about 15 hours with the manager Gemma, dive master Blue and fellow diver Joon (no doubt incorrect spellings!) and left wanting Korea to be our next travel destination!

The diving was good, made better by Blue and his attempts to communicate with us in Korean but the company was even better.
We were lavished with Korean food and culture and ended the night with white wine (the first since I left home 😁) and a sad good bye 😔 but I have no doubt we will see Gemma back in Australia one day!☺️

Back on the road today we had to negotiate about 30kms of unmade road which was pretty hard going on the scooter which already sounds like it’s about to break in half! Not so much fun… We may need to revise our plan of travelling around the islands and just head to the next dive spot!  



3 thoughts on “Four years I love you!

  1. Lovely photos, you look so well and happy, food looks amazing. What is the significance of “Fours years I love you?” Miss you xxxxx

    • Hi mum! It’s good to know that someone is reading our posts! The dive master who had vertically no English was fascinated with our relationship for some reason and asked at one point ‘so, four years I love you?’ As a way to ask how long we had been together…it was very funny at the time!

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