A wet rainy night in the tent last night, we arrived back at the camp site saturated and cold… Very lucky I sealed the seams of the tent a few days ago!

“I’m not a camper. I’ll never be a camper!”   S Clark. 2016.

Some useful camping advice from the pro’s…

Location… Before going to sleep make sure you are aware of the other campers in the area, or you may inadvertently wee on them in the night.  (Reciprocal weeing has been known to occur by unhappy campers).

Sugar… Don’t buy sugar, you can steal it from restaurants every day, it helps pass the time wandering aimlessly in foreign cities.

Sleep… Always have something black nearby as you’ll need an eye covering in the morning to stop the Sun from buring through your eyelids. 

Underwear… Do not keep black underwear in the tent.

Earplugs… No explanation needed.

Orientation… Try to work out where the Sun will come up and put your tent in exactly the place that you think will be sunny in the morning. You will never work it out, so this guarantees shade.

Pillows… It’s a lost cause, stop trying.

Carrying liquid… Old water bottles take up less space than wine, olive oil (or vodka bottles), and can be squashed up as they become empty.

Plates… Are not necessary. Suitable substitutes include shopping bags, egg cartons and paper bags.

We head towards the Pyrnees today, hoping to avoid more rain!

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