Building the biceps

Before I speak about my bulging biceps I would just like to comment on deans last post re the boat trip. He did fail to mention that I get sea sick and a 14 hour boat trip was something I’d had to prepare myself to do (again) and the only comfort I had to get me through was the ‘vip’ ticket where I could basically just read, sleep and be cool…and not see the sea moving up and down….up and down…vomit.

So when dean insisted that it would be fine to spend 14 hours in a haze of cigarette smoke, on a steel chair/dirty floor with people and litter all around us I was not happy….furious actually. Luckily for dean I had some travel pills and wasn’t sick, and the sea water that was coming in about a metre from where we were sleeping didn’t touch us….and it didn’t rain…luckily…And we had blow up airbeds…lucky for me dean is a very patient, forgiving man and coaxed me out of my angry mood and we made it, it was an experience and I never want to do it again 😊

So, we have just spent the last two days riding the long windy roads of Flores…some beautiful scenery and lovely people with excited happy children and cute little kid goats…but the roads are so windy that i have spent the last two days holding on to the bike so hard that my bicpes are rapidly ripping themselves into form!I’m just hoping they don’t get as big as they did in the last trip but we have a long way to go yet! We are spending the nights at altitude so it is cooler which is great as it’s pretty hot in this part of the world at the moment! Tomorrow we head to Labuan bajo for a few days of diving…and tonight we are watching the MotoGP hoping for a win from Rossi…!

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  1. The photos are amazing, you’re both obviously creating lots of excitement wherever you go. Don’t worry about the biceps Sally, not much you can do about it, when you’re having to hang on for dear life!xxxxx

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