Back on the road

Today… Another moto taxi, a boat, another mini bus, a plane, a mini van, another mini van, 7km walking, more mini vans and a hired scooter… Eventually brought us to Minglanilla.

Never heard of it?  Neither have we!

I was in high spirits this afternoon getting on the plane. Cebu was supposed to be the land of milk and honey where we’d no longer need mini vans to get around and we might even get in the water at some stage!

There was a strange quiz on the plane, where they gave prizes for the first person to hold up a…

Pair of sunglasses. BAM! Dean wins a crappy toiletries bag


The safety card.  DOUBLE BAM!! Dean gets told off by the hosties

“that’s enough for you sir, please give the other passengers a chance…”

Anyhow. It turns out winning the toiletries bag is the highlight of today.


We eventually hired the world’s worst scooter, overpriced Chinese junk that makes my ebike feel fast, and rode from the airport down the island we landed on, in choking traffic, dust, heavy vehicles and tricycles jamming the streets.  Eventually we arrived in shitsville, paid too much for a terrible hotel room with a shower that literally  feels like someone is standing there urinating on you.


The fine white sands of Boracay now a distant memory, we’re back on the road again, the beer we drank over dinner has never tasted so good 🙂


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