‘India is amazing’

With 10 hours everyday in my helmet I have so many thoughts  that go round and round my head…

 You often get told by other travellers how ‘amazing’ India is…  Today I was thinking about the things that ‘amazed’ me about India. Here are some of the thoughts I had today kilometre number 3051 day 13 hour 8… 

I find it amazing that nobody knows the rule of ‘keep left unless overtaking’ 😤

I think it’s amazing that cows, goats and dogs are free to roam as they please across the 2/3 (4 if it’s really busy) lane highway 😳

I think it’s amazing that the women wear brightly coloured saris and look stunning against the grey dusty dirty backdrop 💃🏾

It’s amazing how much rubbish there is everywhere and the complete disregard the people have of their country and environment ☹️

It’s amazing to see the amount of men that need to urinate in full view of everyone at any given time of the day (today I counted 30) 😷😑

I think it’s amazing that tea (chai) and biscuits is such a massive part of day to day life… Chai places are everywhere! The British left 70 years ago and it’s the only other place I’ve seen people dunking biscuits into tea!🇬🇧🍪☕️

I think its amazing that we haven’t had a drink for over two weeks!🍷🍸

And the attention betsy gets is completely ridiculous!

Despite all this, I can’t say I dislike the place or the culture. Everyday there are numerous sights, smells and people that put a smile on our face despite the gruelling day we have had. Choosing to ride a bike around India may not be the smartest thing we’ve ever done but we have only just started so that could still change.
We haven’t seen more than 5 other westerners so we have been in pretty remote areas up until now, we are sure a lot will change once we get to more touristy areas. We’re hoping that now things will start to be a bit more beautiful and we will take things a bit easier. Less highway miles, less traffic, less urine…. It can only get better 😉 x

 Ps our head camera has died so we don’t have as many photos… I’m afraid emojis is where it’s at at the moment! ❤️

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