Time to leave Dushanbe finally!!!

The most expensive visas we’ve ever had to pay for!

Feeling pretty happy at the moment!! Picked up our Iran visas this morning (not without an hour of having to wait and a few rounds of cards in the meantime) then went straight to the Turkmenistan embassy with an hour to spare to apply for our transit visas. They will be ready in 10 days and we have been promised that we’ll be able to pick them up at the border in that time… We gave ourselves an extra two days just in case. The visas are date specific so if we don’t enter on said date we will be turned around. So, providing all that works out and they don’t reject our change of passport (which may be an issue!) we will be free!! No more dates to wait for!! 

We really hope Iran is worth it. Not only has it been a total headache it’s been a really expensive excersie.

Our days have been spent trying to organise air freight home for the bike and crating options. We thought it was a good opportunity to try to get organised. Not much else really… Lots of card playing, a bit of cooking and some vodka drinking! We’ve been bored!

After spending the last month or more sifting through reviews and information about visas on the internet we thought we should give a bit back and write about our embassy experience…. Dean getting at it…

So tomorrow we head north towards Tashkent in Uzbekistan where we will spend some time riding around and slowly make our way down to the border to hit our date… A little bit more time wasting ahead of us but at least we are moving!xx

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