Safely parked after a long day…


We were both a little unsettled leaving Pokhara today, after all we’re headed back towards India… Shit.

The road down to the border is long and bumpy, but all the fuel stations were open so the fuel crisis was one less thing to worry about.

We stopped 60km out to dump the extra fuel we’d packed into the tank, it was almost perfect timing as 95% of it went in, so I hailed the next passing bike to donate the remainder.  He looked very confused, initially thinking I wanted his fuel 🙂

“I have very little petrol sorry”

It took some serious acting to explain…

“My tank is already full” via mime, and
“This little bit of fuel won’t fit” mime, and
“Please open your fuel cap” mime, and
“This is a gift” mime.

But the penny finally dropped and the 100ml of fuel made the guys day. Good deed done, we continued.

At the border we turned right and now plan to follow it for about 2 or three days and enter India as far west as possible.

That plan doesn’t include any fixed stops, so this afternoon we pulled up in a tiny town called Shitsville.

Shitsville has 3 hotels, all with beds made of stone and mosquito hatcheries in each room. Lovely.

One of said hotels has ‘off-street parking’ for Betsy…

“We have a winner!”

The owners looked anxious as I drove Betsy through the door of the hotel and parked at the foot of the stairs, but I managed not to break or scratch anything and now we’re upstairs in the hatchery, which Sal bombed with fly spray earlier, total mosquito genocide.

Tomorrow we’ve decided to stop at a national park called Bardia NP.  More later xoxo

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