Postal dilemmas…

Today we need to post the two new motorbike tyres we have to Amristar, on the Pakistan border, so we can pick them up as we exit India ready for Central Asia leg of the trip.  Big bikes and tyranny es are pretty much impossible to find here apparently so Dean bought these in Thailand.

After a trip to DHL who said the package was too big we went to the post office and lined up… Well that was a mistake…Everyone huddles around the window and speaks at once so we did the same. We were told that we needed to get the tyres put in a box, wrapped and then we need to go to a tailor to get then stitched with material!


a guy in a white goods store gave me this 🙂

What a mission that has become! In a big busy city with one way streets and not knowing where the hell we are going to find all this it is making us feel like we are not going to make it out of here today. It has taken us about 2 hours already and we have only just found a box which Dean is currently reshaping to fit the tyres. How we are going to get them back to the post office once they are wrapped and IF the post office is even open by the time we get there (as it is a Saturday) are still the questions we have ahead of us!

four rolls of sticky tape later... 16kg to Amritstar!!

four rolls of sticky tape later… 16kg to Amritstar!!

Betsy draws a crowd wherever we stop. Here she seems so draw a bigger crowd and people feel comfortable to touch her too which doesn’t usually happen elsewhere. It’s not too bad yet (as I still don’t feel like we are in real India) but from what we have heard it is only a matter of time before people start to get on her and fiddle with buttons! Joy!

A guy has just been shouting questions in broken English at me about the bike (mainly asking how much it is worth which seems to be the main question here) and when I asked him to repeat what he had said, he asked if I speak English…?!

We have spent the night in Kohima which was supposed to be a ‘pleasent town to spend some time’ according to something I read… Well… We may have to change our definition of ‘pleasent’!  It’s ok but it’s busy and dusty and sooooo cold. We were literally in bed under the blankets at 5.30 last night and then proceeded to watch three movies and skip dinner because it was to cold to leave the room… the room isn’t heated… And there is no shower just a bucket…and this state is a dry zone… Living the life!  We were imagining everyone at home imagining us (maybe!) having this crazy, fun, adventurous time and there we were there in bed watching movies at 5.30pm on a Friday night!

living it up!!

living it up!!

As I said we are hoping to make it out of here today to somewhere less cold as we know that if we stay  here (which we may still have to), what we will be doing and I just can’t face another 6 hours of TV 😳

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