Plovdiv, Bulgaria 

Well we have made it to Europe! We’re pretty happy about it too!
After debating all morning between Greece or Bulgaria we finally decided on Bulgaria… Mainly because we thought it would be cheaper and its in the direction we want to go. We decided that it would be better to decide on some places we really wanted to see and try to go there without trying to see everything and spending all our time on highways and none really getting to know the places.  It’s been hard not to ride directly to Italy but after spending a couple of nights in Plovdiv it’s made us more interested in seeing more of Eastern Europe!

We stopped here because it was the next logical stop to go after turkey and we discovered a pretty cool city. Lots of bars, good wine and interesting people! We spent the afternoon yesterday drinking Aperol spritz in a cafe on the walking strip and people watching… Which is quite a fun thing to do here! The hair, the fashion…. The hair… Wow 😉

It’s nicer and also a lot cheaper here than in turkey so we are kicking ourselves for spending time in Istanbul. Oh well… Today (once Dean has fixed the puncture he found in the front tyre this morning) we will be heading west to Macedonia, making our way up to Budapest over the next few days.

There are not so many interesting things to take photos of now I’m afraid, especially not with the head cam, so I apologise for slightly boring  and probably fewer posts!

Love xx

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