Lake Malawi

After leaving Zomba we decided to meet up again with Matias, the crazy Argentinian. He was staying in a hostel in Senga so we rode there and spent the evening walking along the shore watching the locals go about their daily activities.
Life by the water appears a lot easier than life in the dusty villages and everyone seems a lot happier – especially the children. Here children get to play together in water instead of pumping water and carrying it to the village. They spend the day running and laughing and apparently love holding hands with ‘Zongas’ (white people).

Men spend their days making canoes out of tree trunks and the evenings out fishing in the lake.

We had over 12 children fighting over holding our hands, jumping on our backs 2 at a time and screaming at us with beautiful smiley faces in a language we couldn’t understand.

Yesterday the 3 of us left Senga in the morning and headed to Nkarta Bay aiming to arrive in time to see Australia play Denmark.
The scenery riding north has changed from dry and dusty to green and tropical which has been lovely.
We arrived at a cool hostel overlooking the beautiful Lake Malawi – another little bubble to loose ourselves in for a couple of days.

Due to an electricity outage they had to start the generator for the game which then stopped 5 minutes before kick off after they filled the tank with water instead of petrol.

Luckily with Matias’s fuel and Dean’s tools they managed to fix it and have it back on 20 minutes into the game. Not a great result but at least they played well 😁

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