Goa, the hippie apocalypse.

After a few days relaxing in Goa, we made a break for it today, narrowly escaping the addition of henna tattoos and tie dyed clothes.  I’ve never seen so many hippies in my life, it was like a hippie apocalypse!  I can still hear Cartman now… “God damned hippies!!”

And it was also a sad goodbye to our friend Deb who we’ve been meeting up with in various places, next time we’ll see you in the Netherlands! xx

Somehow we missed Bike Week in Goa, but we did see hundreds of big bikes on their way back to the cities, thanks to Darayus and friends for shouting us a tea at one of the roadside stops, very kind.

Tonight we made it as far as Lonavala, a hill town 100km from Mumbai.

Two more travel days now to reach Rajasthan. xoxo

2 thoughts on “Goa, the hippie apocalypse.

  1. Hi Dino, darayus here it was pleasure meeting you if you are close to manor town on NH-8 give me a call come and stay at my place for a day or two.
    If not good luck for your adventures will follow you on the website. Please start a FB page so people can follow you more easily

    • Hi Darayus, thanks so much for the kind offer, we made it to Lavana (??) that night and to Udiapur after that, would have been nice to see some of Mumbai though… Next time 🙂

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