First impressions of india

So how is it??

Well… we crossed the border expecting suicidal traffic, congestion, polluition and staring people who make you feel uncomfortable.  What we’ve found is most of that, but also some surprises.

cows... everywhere.

cows… everywhere.

We’re still in the far east of India, the part that’s surrounded by Bhutan on top, Myanmar to the east, and Bangladesh to the west.  So we dont really feel like we’re in India just yet, which is dumb, because obviously we are, but it somehow doesnt ‘feel’ like it.

For the first few days we were in the mountains, where there is a mix of regular Indian (???) and Hill tribe ethnicity, the Indians look like… Indians, but the hill tribe people look more Mongol.  Either way, everyone is really friendly, interested, helpful and very honest.  No dodgy scams at the border, no overcharging for food or drinks, just really nice people.

these tricycles are also everywhere.

these tricycles are also everywhere.

Everywhere we stop we get a crowd of something like 50 people gathered to look at Betsy, I’m not sure she’s ever gotten so much attention before – I think Sal is a little jealous 😉   They have KTM’s that are actually made in India for sale here too, in shiny new orange showrooms, so everyone knows what a KTM is, they just havent ever seen one as big before.

“yes it’s the same as the Duke we have here…”

“the 200 duke?”

“yes, what is this one?”


“my god! it’s nearly 5x bigger, Oh My God!!”  you need to imagine the accent 🙂

We keep having kids on motorbikes follow us for kilometers taking pictures and video, I wheelied away from one bike and the kids were so excited they could barely speak…

“that thing you do with the front in the sky, please do again, i like very much your bike!!”

so many people staring!

so many people staring!

We entered India in Manipur state (a dry state), and the next region had a ban on alcohol for the last and first days of the month (guess when we arrived?), so tonight’s beer was my first for five days, which may be a record, consequently I’m quite sleepy now so will keep this shortish.

The traffic is not as bad as I expected, but still pretty bad.  Being run off the road is a regularity, cars/trucks/motorbikes/bicycles/cows/people going the wrong way on dual carriage road is also quite normal (i’m serious, imagine cows on the expressway… unbelievable!), alhtough I’m just pleased there is some dual carriage road!!

Cows are literally everywhere.  As are goats, people and dogs.  At this stage it’s quite manageable though, we’re not hating the roads yet, which is good as we have another 8,000km to get through here 🙂

Petrol is 1.30 a litre, we’re paying about $20 a night for a room, and 20c-$1 for a plate of street food, or $3 for a curry in a restaurant.  The food is really heavy though, lots of deep fried stuff and obviously curry, but also momo’s (dumplings) which is a nice healthy break.

tired now, over and out xoxo

PS we also saw some elephants, 6 actually!  I stopped to take a pic and they crossed the road to see us, quite scary!  (and also 2 rhinocerous  off in the distance)


these are the actual elephants we saw :)

these are the actual elephants we saw 🙂


it was a long way off, but still visible :)

it was a long way off, but still visible, pretty cool huh!

4 thoughts on “First impressions of india

  1. Lovely to read the latest and happy that everyone is friendly, showing so much interest in Betsy……don’t be jealous Sally. Make the most of it as the interest may change towards you later. Do you have any ‘cover up’ clothes to wear? So proud of you both, lots of love and stay safexxxxx

    • I’m not jealous!! Dean was joking! I have enough attention yes I have some ‘cover up’ clothes but it’s been so cold here it hasn’t been an issue yet! Xx

  2. I never thought I’d see the day…Sally surrounded by cows and spitting men and still smiling. Very proud, can’t imagine how you’re getting through this, you’re both legends xxx

  3. Hello again, just reading your posts makes me glad I’m not there….good to hear people are kind and helpful, but riding amongst all that, must be so difficult . I hope you soon get to better cleaner places and enjoy more of India .everyone says it’s an amazing country….you have so much to tell when you get home. Please be very careful, and stay safe. Lov u both lots xxx

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