The email we’ve been waiting for…

 HI Dean

Please come and collect your TAX INVOICE & BILL OF LADING for ANL DARWIN TRADER.

The vessel ANL DARWIN TRADER is due to arrive Dili on 31-Aug-15 and will be berthing on 4-9-15

Please note the arrival date may change without notice.


Voyage: 1915N

Ocean Bill No:  


 $        62.71


Tax Invoice: Total ($ 62.71 USD)

Container Demurrage

Dry Containers: 10 Calendar free days after cargo is available from vessel berthed.

Attention all your import emails to:

Yanti Lisboa

Thanks and God Bless

Ruth Martins

Reception and Administration Officer

Toll  T-L

Kampung Merdeka, Comoro,

Dili, Timor-Leste


Phone:+670 3310162

God bless you Ruth!!

In the meantime we’ve left our home in Ubud, loaded up the scooter and headed to the north coast via some volcanoes.

Today we dived on an island, Menanjakan might be it’s name, fun but not life changing.

Flights to Dili on the 8th… Counting it down now.

Love to all at home, and big congrats to Australia’s newest permanent resident Flossie.  Wish we were home to have a beer or twelve with you guys, will have some arak cocktails instead!

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