A long day into Kashgar


We are in China!!!!

After an extroutiating slow bureocratic entry into China we finally got our bike out of customs compund and back on the road.  The coldest day yet for our trip, we rode 300km from Tashkurgan to Kashgar yesterday, most of the day in fog and  rain at 5 deg C.

The icing on the cake was the 100km of  roadwork, broken up tar or rubble that cris crossed the enormous overhead expressway that’s being built to replace the old crumbling road.

It’s difficult to explain just how cold you get at that temp when you’re also wet and moving, but I guess you could imagine stepping out of the shower dripping wet in winter, and then being blasted by an 80km/h wind coming from the refrigerator… for 12 hours.


Anyway, I’ll elaborate more later, but we’re here, we’re safe and we’re eating all the Chinese food we can get our hands on for the next 3 days.

Unfortunately the internet in China is censored, which means you can’t use Google to search for anything (they refused to comply), so Gmail doesn’t work, and Facebook is blocked, including messenger, WhatsApp  doesn’t work, and neither does Skype, PayPal and lots of other stuff that we haven’t discovered yet.  Our phones don’t connect to the Chinese networks either.

So basically we can’t call, email or message anyone for another few days till we reach Kyrgyzstan on Monday night.

Oh and all of China uses one timezone! So the sun comes up at 10am and it’s daylight till 10pm!

More later ☺

4 thoughts on “A long day into Kashgar

  1. Nice one guys, was beginning to get a tinge of concern at not having heard anything for a while.. I knew about a lot of the censorship in China. Very happy to have suspicions confirmed. Beautiful pictures xox

  2. great to hear from you at last and happy all is good. photos look stunning and the temperature sounds challenging. Thank you for our anniversary wishes…….our house is finally sold and settlement is on 21st July. We are so proud of you both and are constantly in awe of everything you are doing. Stay safe, we love youxxxxxxx

  3. Good to read this news, you’re there, one step closer!!
    The cold sounds awful, and I hope you reach sunny warm weather soon.
    Hey how many different overwhelming issues have you experienced? It’s all amazing and very interesting.
    Stay safe love you

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